H - Evangelische Stadtkirche: Stadt Möckmühl


Evangelische Stadtkirche (Protestant Church)

The original church (dated 815) is already documented. Around the church used to be a cemetery which was transferred and re-situa-ted outside the town in 1574 due to the pla-gue epidemic. The present church is the fifth church in its place and was planned and built in the Neo-Gothic style by Baurat Dolmetsch from Stuttgart in 1900. The old Gothic church was destroyed by fire in 1898. The old Gothic frescos can still be seen in the choir.An old tradition, already mentioned in the 17th century, is the playing of brass instruments. Every Sunday members of the Musikverein (music society) climb up the stairs of the church steeple and play a hymn from each of the four balco-nies. (Further information is on a leaflet inside the church).The church was renovated in 1973-1974. At the same time exten-sive archaeological excavations took place.

A model about the excavations by Dr. Otto Eggers, including the foundations of the four preceding churches, illustrates the individual sections of the excavations. It is supposed that the church before 754 (the year in which Bonifatius died) was dedicated to St. Martin and it is assumed that the Patrozinium (patronage) then changed to Bonifatius. This assumption is based on the fact that Moeckmuehl had two markets: the Bonifatius market in June and the Martin‘s market that still takes place during the first weekend in November.