F - Rathaus: Stadt Möckmühl


Das Rathaus (the town hall)

The Rathaus was built between 1589 and 1592. The enormous beam informs us about the builders and men who were in charge at that time and the splendid Renaissance plaque reminds us of the event. The latter ornate monument was created in 1590 by the sculptor Jacob Mueller from Heilbronn. On the occasion of the twelve hundredth anniversary celebration of Moeckmuehl in 1979 the damaged original plaque was replaced by a copy.

To the left of the main entrance the stocks, part of which is still there and the “Halseisen” (iron around the neck) used to be. On the ground floor there used to be the benches of the butchers and bakers who sold their goods there and the salt shop. The “Ruest- und Waffenkammer” (a room where the armours and weapons were kept) as well as the weighing scales of the town were also on this floor. The first floor contained the council chambers and the courtroom. On the second floor were a “dancing room” and a kitchen, which could be rented for weddings or christenings for one Gulden (old currency). Overnight stays of personalities and banquets are mentioned in the old books, as well as performances of biblical based plays. Since 1993 perfor-mances of the Jagsttalbuehne (Jagst Valley Theatre) take place in the cellar of the town hall in spring.

Between 1989 and 1992 the town hall was completely renovated and extended by the purchase of a neighbouring building. During the renovations and excavations of a second cellar numerous pieces of Roman bowls were found which are on display in the museum.