C - Die Burg: Stadt Möckmühl


Die Burg (the castle)

In the 13th century, the castle was owned by the Lords von Duern. From 1287 until 1445, the owners were the Lords von Hohenlohe.

In 1445 the castle was purchased by the Elector Ludwig IV of the Palatinate (Pfalz). In about 1470 strong walls for defence were erected round the castle by the Elector Friedrich I of the Palatinate and they were incorporated into the newly developed fortifica-tion of the town. Two mighty walls (Schenkelmauern) extend downwards into the valley on both sides of the castle. The oldest remaining building is the “Bergfried”, the high watch tower. Today it is called Goetzenturm. It is 10 metres in diameter and in its solid part it is almost 25 metres high. Its massive masonry is 3.50 metres thick at the bottom and it tapers at the top. The watch-man of the tower lived in a dwelling up in the part with half-timbering (extended in 1519). Today‘s entrance was added later. The original entrance with a Romanesque round arch was about 13 metres above the ground facing west. The bell of 1739, which the watchman had to strike at the full hour after the church clock was heard, is still in its place. The existing castle (Schloss) with the alliance coat of arms of Alvensleben-Berlichingen above the entrance was built in 1902 by General Gustav von Alvensleben and his wife Gabriele nee von Berlichingen. It is above the cellar of the old long building. The castle is privately owned.