2 - Schinnersturm: Stadt Möckmühl


Schinnersturm (tower where people were tortured)

Unfortunately only a ruin remained but it was restored in 1978. The name Schinner most probably originated from the name Schinder - Schinner (knacker). There is proof that in the 16th century the Schinner was responsible for keeping the tower clean. As his profession was also that of an execu-tioner, the men or women condemned by the “Centgericht” (High Court) were placed under his command and had to stay in the tower until the execution and they led a terrible life after the town servant had shackled them in iron chains. Quite close is a projecting toilet of stone.

Similar toilets, mostly built of wood, projected in earlier times more or less disguised, into the “Kandel”, i.e. the space between the houses. In 1681 a citizen was reprimanded for not cleaning his “Kandel” and for not closing his “Secret” (toilet), so that one would not see his bottom whenever he went there.