J - Ehem. Meisterhaus: Stadt Möckmühl


Ehem. Meisterhaus (former house of the executioner)

In the lane that was called Schafgasse in the past, now Linsengasse , at No. 6 you find the house of the executioner. This was the dwelling of the executioner who at the same time was the knacker of Moeckmuehl. A hewn stone in the shape of a font gives the year 1560. It was fitted into a wall in the cellar and was moved in 1988 and placed into the wall next to the main entrance of the house. In 1770 a tragedy occurred when the executioner of that time killed his wife with a shot from his pistol out of baseless jealousy. He himself was beheaded by the executioner from Schwaebisch Hall with a sword.