14 - Propstei: Stadt Möckmühl



The Propstei, Schlossberg No. 12, is one of the oldest buil-dings in Moeckmuehl. At one time, it was the residence of the Stiftspropst (head of the canons). Behind it you see the Propsteiturm D attached to the outer wall. The former watch tower now belongs to the Propstei and you can walk to it along the old town wall. It contains a room that is habitable.

Some steps downhill from the Propstei you can see a large half-timbered house, nowadays called the “Kaserne” (barracks) E . It used to be the building where they stored the grain and wine that belonged to the Canons Foundation (founded in 1379). In 1830 it was converted into dwellings. The mighty oak beams survived a disastrous fire in 1911 and the house was, after reconstruction, made fit for human occupation again.

Passing some pretty half-timbered houses we go further down to the “Oberer Marktplatz” (Upper Marketplace). The market place once contained the largest fountain of the town, the “Langer Brunnen” (long fountain). Life was very active here, especially on market days. Today the market place is embellished by the Mechita fountain, created by Dieter Laepple of Heilbronn in 1979 with the figure of Mechita, the legendary founder of Moeckmuehl. Passing through the Marktstrasse, we come to the “Unterer Marktplatz” (Lower Market Place) which is surrounded by half-timbered houses, it invites you to linger. Each Thursday morning a weekly market takes place here.